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Light Box 01


By only being a single person, having one brain, one kind of perspective and showing one kind of aesthetic, I felt restrained to the results of my works as they were limited to my thoughts. There was not enough randomness, exploration and happy accidents happening. I was very curious about how outcomes could develop beyond my imagination as each individual person thinks differently and how people would interact and create if I provided a framework for them? Light Box 01 was created under this background. I developed this modularized interactive projection system for people to play with.

Light Box 01 creates dynamic light patters that are projected on the wall or on the sanded plate attached to the box. Inside this black box is a surface of flickering programmable led lights and layered structures for pattern inserts. Cut out plates with dotted, striped and circular patterns are provided to create the projection patterns. Rotating structures are also provided for additional dynamic movement. The participant is free to attach or remove any provided element from the structure during their exploration and creation time. They are also encouraged to use the provided materials in unexpected ways and “ think outside the box.”

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